Social Media Marketing World 2019

Imagine garnering implementable tips from more than 100 of the world’s leading professionals who specialize in marketing and advertising with Facebook, Instagram, Messenger bots, live video, social strategy, digital marketing, big data, video creation, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat and more. That is a lot of social platforms to cover, and if you struggle to keep up with social media marketing’s ever-changing nature, this event is for you.

Viveka von Rosen (LinkedIn Expert)

You will have one-on-one conversations with more than 100 expert speakers, including Viveka von Rosen, a top LinkedIn expert who teaching you how to succeed on LinkedIn. Mark will also be covering how LinkedIn is combating illegal activities on LinkIn, such as companies who buy cheap LinkedIn followers to boost their ranking and why you should not follow their footsteps. In their session, as with all the other learning tracks, you will enjoy constant learning opportunities. Other learning tracks covers Facebook ads, Facebook organic marketing, Instagram marketing, corporate marketing, local business marketing, LinkedIn marketing, Twitter marketing, Pinterest marketing, Snapchat marketing, blogging and even Spotify Marketing.

Follow & Connect

You will not only uncover the latest tactics that will save you time, money, and resources, but you will also connect with others who have followed the same path. You’re going to create networks of followers that will impact you long after the event is over.

Full event details:

Venue: San Diego, CA
Dates: Mar. 20-22, 2019