Digimarcon East 2019

Digimarcon is happening in New York this May 9 at the New York Marriott Marquis. DigiMarCon Conferences presents the boldest and most thought-provoking speakers in the digital marketing industry, presenting emerging strategies, the latest innovative technologies, best practices and insights from successful digital marketing campaigns to participants. Whether it is building customer loyalty, driving sales, improving lead generation or increasing consumer engagement, the DigiMarCon Conference program was designed specifically to help participants grow their audience. Here are some of the sessions that caught our eye:

YouTube Subscribers – To Buy or not to Buy by Carl Morris

One of the most anticipated speaker making debut this year is Carl Morris, marketing director of AppSally, a growth marketplace. You can think of it as the fiverr for digital marketing only. The platform lets you buy everything from white-hat marketing to black-hat marketing. For example, you can buy real YouTube subscribers. The practise of buying subscribers may raise a lot of eyebrows but apparently it is common among YouTubers as there are many benefits. New YouTubers have been buying YouTube subscribers as a quick way to get off the ground in the highly competitive YouTube platform. YouTubers with less budget on the other hand may opt to exchange subscribers, a practise dubbed sub for sub. A little digging shows sub for sub being conducted on Facebook groups and Reddit (eg r/sub4sub).

How to Buy YouTube Subscribers in 2019

Reddit Masterclass by Jose Peterson

Reddit is known to be a tough place for marketers due to the platforms’ strict community rules. Carl may try to convince you about buying upvotes as a quick way to get results from Reddit, but Jose is all old school about playing by the rules. In his masterclass, Jose covers the basics of Reddit, building your karma, getting Reddit upvotes, posting in the correct subreddit and some little tricks used by seasoned marketers on Reddits. Carl’s buying upvotes is about quick results, but Jose’s masterclass is a must have if you want to succeed in Reddit in the long term.

Full event details:

Location: New York City, NY
Dates: May 9 – 10, 2019
Venue: New York Marriott Marquis
Website: https://digimarconeast.com

Pubcon Florida 2019

Every year professionals, marketers and companies of all sizes attend Pubcon conference in Florida and learn the latest perspectives and techniques in SEO, PPC, social media, content marketing, paid social, local search, Google Analytics and more to help them revamp and improve their online marketing strategies.

This three-day conference features sessions, workshops and keynotes. The conference also offers a full hall for exhibitions, networking opportunities, Pubcon laboratories and nightly events. Some of the most high anticipated workshops:

  • Facebook and Social Media Advertising by Marty Weintraub and Susan Wenograd
  • Advanced Link Building by Marie Haynes, Ann Smarty, and Dixon Jones

Full event details:

Venue: Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention Center
Dates: March 5-7, 2019
Website: https://www.pubcon.com/

Social Media Marketing World 2019

Imagine garnering implementable tips from more than 100 of the world’s leading professionals who specialize in marketing and advertising with Facebook, Instagram, Messenger bots, live video, social strategy, digital marketing, big data, video creation, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat and more. That is a lot of social platforms to cover, and if you struggle to keep up with social media marketing’s ever-changing nature, this event is for you.

Viveka von Rosen (LinkedIn Expert)

You will have one-on-one conversations with more than 100 expert speakers, including Viveka von Rosen, a top LinkedIn expert who teaching you how to succeed on LinkedIn. Mark will also be covering how LinkedIn is combating illegal activities on LinkIn, such as companies who buy cheap LinkedIn followers to boost their ranking and why you should not follow their footsteps. In their session, as with all the other learning tracks, you will enjoy constant learning opportunities. Other learning tracks covers Facebook ads, Facebook organic marketing, Instagram marketing, corporate marketing, local business marketing, LinkedIn marketing, Twitter marketing, Pinterest marketing, Snapchat marketing, blogging and even Spotify Marketing.

Follow & Connect

You will not only uncover the latest tactics that will save you time, money, and resources, but you will also connect with others who have followed the same path. You’re going to create networks of followers that will impact you long after the event is over.

Full event details:

Venue: San Diego, CA
Dates: Mar. 20-22, 2019
Website: https://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/smmworld/