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Direct Marketing Articles
You can find one of the best collections of direct marketing and mail order related articles, direct mail lessons, advertising strategies, marketing statistics, and overall business building "how-to" marketing techniques in the Library of the NMOA.
Click here to visit the NMOA Direct Marketing and Mail Order Library.

Here is a list of just some of the titles at the NMOA.

     Why Admail?
     6 Steps to a Successful Admail Package
     13 Platinum Direct Mail Ideas
     13 Platinum Ideas for Testing
     A Warning to Beginners
     Database and Oxymoron for Direct Marketing
     Direct Marketing - Truth in Numbers
     Direct Marketing is not the Adult Phrase for Direct Mail
     Mail Order Industry Small Business Opportunities
     Segmenting your Market
     The 13 Platinum Most Fundamental Direct Marketing Creative Ideas
     What is Mail Order?
     When Admail is Best 

     Seven Siblings of Marketing
     13 Platinum Ways to add Flash and Splash to your Direct Mail
     13 Platinum Ways to Set your Marketing Objectives
     Can you Get Rich Quick in Mail Order
     Graphics, the Basics
     How to lead Your Prospects to Become your Customers
     Telemarketing can be Profitable when it's done right
     The 13 most important questions to answer as you begin every Marketing  Program
     There are no failures... only lessons
     Type should be seen, not heard

     Our life is words & pictures
     To & From Letters
     What is Special About E-mail
     World Wide Web Vs. Television
     The 12 Best Times To Use Advertising Specialties and Premiums
     13 Platinum Audience Ideas to Forever Remember
     How to become a promotional genius
     How to pick products or services that are easy to market

     How to Write a Good Advertisement
     31-derfully Simple Ways To Make Your Ads Generate More Inquiries
     How To Write Catalog Copy That Sells
     On Target Advertising Ads That Sell!
     The 12 Most Common Direct Mail Mistakes 
     The 7 Key Differences Between business-to-business
     What works better in copywriting: jargon or plain 
     Breaking into your prospect’s e-mail "inner circle
     Reality in Advertising 
     Estimating response to business-to-business direct

     How do you make money using mail order
     Where to get started in mail order
     Six Mail order pointers

     Tips to Bounce Proof Your Email List
     NCOA for Email
     Tips to Build Your Email Database

To submit an Article to our Archive and share your expertise in your industry, please contact John Schulte at